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About Digital X-Rays

A state-of-the-art dental health facility, MINT dentistry in Cedar Hill, TX believes in the importance of utilizing advanced techniques and technology for a comprehensive examination. This is why MINT dentistry uses digital x-rays, also known as digital radiographs, as part of every dental exam to obtain a better view of your oral health. Digital x-rays help our staff of board-certified dental professionals to diagnose problems that are below the visible surface so they can better understand your oral health, including your gums, teeth, and jaw. Several oral health problems can be discovered with digital x-rays, such as tooth decay, cavities, cysts, abscesses, bone loss, and tooth impaction. If a concern is detected in the early stages, you will likely have more options for treatment that are less invasive and more effective. During your dental examination, digital x-rays allow us to more accurately diagnose and treat oral health issues.

Best Candidates

In most cases, digital x-rays are done at your annual examination as a preventive measure. You may also need digital x-rays taken when you are experiencing pain or concerned about symptoms so we can correctly diagnose then treat your problem. Digital x-rays emit less radiation compared to traditional x-rays, but we still prefer to limit the amount of exposure that is delivered to every patient. While digital x-rays are considered safe for any patient, female patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant should tell their team before x-rays are taken so that extra precautions can be taken.

What to Expect

When it's time for your exam, you can relax in a massaging treatment chair. After you decide whether to listen to your favorite jams on our Beats headphones or to watch a show on a flat-screen television, we will take your digital x-rays. Often performed at the start of your dental visit, digital x-rays typically take about 5 – 10 minutes to complete. In most situations, we will take images that include all of your teeth. After the images are complete, they can be viewed immediately, so your dentist can analyze the images throughout your exam. Should we find any problems, your MINT dentist will show you the issue and discuss your treatment options.

Treatment Aftercare

A new set of digital x-rays will typically be taken twice a year at your dental exam. During some visits, a whole mouth series may be taken to give us a more complete view of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. Your digital x-rays will be kept in your file, so we can watch for subtle changes and identify any areas of concern. There isn't any specific aftercare required following digital x-rays unless you are told by your dentist. Another appointment may be scheduled if a procedure is required. We always suggest daily home care plus attending your twice-yearly cleanings and dental exams to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

The MINT Commitment

Typically, a dental insurance plan wll pay for the cost of digital x-rays as part of a routine dental exam. We will contact your insurance provider to figure out if you will have any additional costs. For any out-of-pocket expenses or if you don't have dental insurance, MINT dentistry takes many different methods of payment, including medical financing. MINT dentistry is dedicated to making sure that you have a thorough oral health examination every year at our office. Using state-of-the-art technology, such as digital x-rays, helps us to honor that commitment.

Clear, Concise Diagnosis

The key to a sexy smile is proactive dental care and early intervention. Digital x-rays use advanced technology to help us find and treat dental problems early to give you more treatment options. As part of an annual dental examination, digital x-rays give MINT dentists a better view so we can see and correct any hidden issues. To get a clear, concise view of your dental health, contact our office in Cedar Hill, TX today to schedule a dental exam at MINT dentistry and keep your smile dazzling.

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